What to Expect


The heart of those at Newton Christian Assembly is to make you feel welcome and at home when you visit us at any of our meetings. For most events and gatherings, you will be met at the door by a member of our assembly, who will direct you either to our coffee area or to a seat in the main room.

Depending on the meeting, there will likely be between 30 and 60 people of all ages in attendance. There is no dress code at Newton Christian Assembly; some will be dressed formally, and others casually.

Unless someone directs the congregation to stand, we typically sit during singing.

The responsibilities of public prayer, teaching, and reading of scripture at all of our services are shared among the men of our assembly (1 Timothy 2:11-12).

The members of the church observe the Biblical teaching on headship which is symbolized by men not having their heads covered and women covering their heads during our worship and teaching services (1 Corinthians 11:1-16).


When you arrive, the greeter will give you two hymn books and direct you to a seat in the main room where our meetings take place. The seats for this service are arranged around a table that has a loaf of bread and two trays of cups filled with wine on it.

We often start by singing a hymn at 9:30, which will be chosen and announced by one of the men of the assembly. Each hymn is sung a cappella, and is led by a designated singer.

Between 9:30AM and 10:15AM, various men who are members of the assembly will stand to pray, read a passage of Scripture, share a thought or appreciation about Christ, or announce a hymn for the congregation to sing together. There is no fixed format for this portion of the service, but all who participate audibly do so as prompted by the Spirit. The purpose of this time is to corporately worship Christ and remind ourselves of who He is and what He has done for us.

Around 10:15AM, a member of the assembly will pray to give thanks for the bread before it is passed around. The same is then done for the wine (for an explanation of the significance of the bread and wine, please visit our beliefs page). Partaking of the bread and wine is reserved for those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 11:27-32). We ask that visitors who have not yet recognized the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour simply pass the bread and wine along.

After the wine, there is an opportunity for the Christians to give financially to the Lord and to His church. This is also intended only for the members of the assembly. We ask that visitors simply pass the bag along.

The meeting is then closed with announcements and a final prayer. Tea, coffee, and snacks are served and we enjoy some time to socialize.


Tea, coffee, and snacks are served in advance of this meeting from 10:30AM to 11:00AM.

The meeting begins with a few children’s songs that we sing all together before dismissing the children to Sunday School. In the “Upper Room”, they will sing more songs, learn a lesson from the Bible, and either make a craft or play games together.

Meanwhile, the adults will sing a few more contemporary worship songs accompanied by acoustic guitar. The speaker will then be announced, and he will open in prayer before giving an approximately 30 minute long message. The topics discussed will vary, but are always based on a passage or more of the Bible. This meeting will end in prayer.


Please contact the following coordinators for more information about each Bible Study:

Tuesday evening Young Adults’ Bible Study
Janelle Milne: P|778.683.5531 E|milnejanelle@gmail.com

Wednesday morning Ladies’ Bible Study
Karen Bonderud: P|604.561.8115

Wednesday evening Collective Prayer & Bible Study