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Welcome to NCA!

We are a group of Christians who gather regularly in Surrey (Newton), BC to worship the triune God, study the Bible, preach the Gospel, and come alongside one another in our pursuit of God’s will for our lives, both individually and as a community.

Though we share these activities in common, what ultimately unites us is the one true God that we serve. He has afforded us a collective identity by means of the forgiveness of sins and grace we each received when we claimed Jesus Christ as our personal saviour. It is our prayer that who we are as a local church is grounded in all that Jesus is, and we aspire to continually grow in our likeness to Him.

We welcome and encourage you to explore our site to learn more about our beliefs and activities. We pray that this will be a helpful introduction to who we are, but also that we will have the opportunity and blessing of meeting you in person some day soon. Thank you for visiting, and God bless!

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All scriptural references are taken from the ESV translation of the Bible.